small talk.

Who do you run to when the only person who can make you stop crying, is the one who makes you cry?

''advertising is when the consumer goes to the toilet''

"This means two things. First, the police are more gangsters than the gangsters. Second, the police make deals with gangsters. Now, are we surprised by that?" RPK

Friday, May 7


Monday, July 27

Yasmin Ahmad.

She was naturalborn story teller that was true to her heart. Her movies are mostly inspired by her own life. She died 2 nights ago after collapsing during a presatation at Sri Pentas. It's a great loss.
I remember the one and only time that i met her at a drama presentation at Central Market@Annexe, you could feel the warmth and friendliness she radiates. Always had a dream to work with her on an Advertisment. Guess it shall remained a dream. Her works will always be a inspriration to me.

A Towering Malaysian she was. God bless her soul.

Some of my favorite works from her below
tear stream down my eyes went i watch it, maybe because of her passing too...

Her sudden death is a great loss to us all. We miss you dearly.

if only you know how much.

Wednesday, June 24

revenge of the fallen...

it's what if, not what is...

Thursday, May 14


Pekeliling Flats or better known as Tunku Abdul Rahman Flats was the second high-rise apartment building in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia after Suleiman Courts. It was built in 1964. The 11 blocks of the flats were located on Jalan Pekeliling (now Jalan Tun Razak) and Jalan Pahang. On 2008(but till now it;s still there), this flats will be demolished to make way for development. It will mark an end an era when public housing resembled matchboxes in which 10 people sometimes lived in a room. -from wikipedia.

so that was my latest photography journey.
so i kinda consider a graduate now. supposed to start finding for a job like now, but feeling so lazy. lazy doing what? going out everyday, taking photos, attending events about photography. photography bug bite me.
a glimpse
a glimpse

mirror mirror on the wall
in the mirror
more photos on my flickr here.
work werk wank.

Sunday, May 10

the Towers and some streets...

recently met up with the KLickr group for a mini meet at KLCC for dinner at Little Penang Cafe (i think the quality of food there is not so good anymore) and some shots of KLCC.

been reading up on street photography also, streets is something i really enjoy so was hoping to gain some knowledge with the reading. here is the website if you're interested.
KLCC the usual shot with a compact camera

the towers in the pond
reflection by the side.

alone in a big city
alone in a big city

to Suria
walking. merge of 3 photos.

they said what goes around, comes around? -1BlackMalaysia.

Tuesday, May 5

the roadside Mamak.

Mamak a term that refer to Tamil Muslims in Malaysia or a Tamil term for maternal uncle or 'maa-ma'(taken from wikipedia). Today it's about a stall operate by them near my university. This stall has been a constant companion to me during those boring lectures, tutorials and long exam hours. Food is cheap, beverages are tasty, what else you need?
I have to say no other eatery has this much cultural significance in Malaysia, maybe the other being the KopiTiam.
this post is for you girl. =P

the stall
the companion

the stall 2
your order coming out.

teh tarik satu
was it teh tarik or nescafe??

hot water
more on my flickr here.
life is how you want to see it...

Monday, May 4

stay tuned...

so i'm home. what do i do to celebrate being discharge from a 6 days 5 night hospital stay at Assunta? Go to 1 Utama to shoot fashion show. Discharge and recharge my batteries just in time for the last day of Fashion On 1 in 1Utama. Fitted a 85mm 1.8 lens with SB800 flash. Aperture set nearly wide open at f2.8 and set my flash level down by 2 stop to just offer fill-in light. Focusing were set at AF-C.(continuous focusing)

Braun Buffel the preview
fashion preview.

i post the rest on flickr when i finishing my post-processing. so how was assunta anyway? it was good. the nurses was hot and nice =P the doctor seems very professional even the cost also very very professional.

haha. they have starbucks and the always there for you 7-11.(they don't sell protection though and poison sticks)

so now to prepare for my remaining exams. good luck people.
more photos on Fashion On 1 here.

you're the best =)

Thursday, April 30


i think i do but i don't know. maybe i don't, maybe i do. how do i answer the question, when i don't know the question. what do you want from me?

can you see it?
everything leads somewhere.

Tuesday, April 28

you bought one for me.


Monday morning, didn't manage to sleep, high fever. So went for animation exam, with a bad headache and chills. sat there for 25 minutes, manage to finish the paper.

Tuesday night, Starbucks@Assunta Hospital. Got admitted into the hospital right after my exam. with 40.4 Celsius high fever. so still here now.

this hospital is cool. lolx. nuthin much to blog actually.

lets paint
let's paint.
the pain swell...

Saturday, April 18

please finish your food.

the trail...
don't be a fake.